We conduct one Pregnancy Yoga Workshop each month.  Get in touch if you are interested – jal@budsandblossom.yoga

The workshops are priced at £40 for the 3 1/2 hour session – with early bird places available at £35.

You can read all about the workshops further below – or click the ‘Buy Now’ buttons to book and pay for your place on one of the courses:

January 2019 dates coming soon – Leeds City Centre
1.30 – 5pm
Leeds Yoga, 29 Park Place, Leeds City Centre, LS1 2SP


January 2019 dates coming soon – Farsley
Om Yoga Works, Farsley, LS28 5LY


About the workshop
Pregnancy is a unique and very special time in a new mother’s life. From the moment you find out you are holding life within you, to the moment your new born baby is in your arms and beyond, motherhood is a wonderful gift of nature. It is also a time of great change and uncertainty, which can be both physically and emotionally demanding, requiring huge adjustments in your life.
If you are an expectant mother to be, join us in this Pregnancy Yoga Workshop.

The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding and acceptance of your changing body, helping you adjust through these intricate times with ease.
  • Knowledge of safe yoga asanas for strength building and flexibility, keeping you at optimal health throughout your pregnancy.
  • Yoga asanas to alleviate common pregnancy aliments – bringing comfort through your pregnancy.
  • Mental strength building to empower you on the journey to motherhood.
  • Breathing techniques which will prepare you for the most positive birthing experience.
  • Meditation methods to calm you and connect you with your unborn baby.

Blossoming together
Our Buds & Blossom Pregnancy Yoga Workshop is gentle and safe for all women, whether you are new to yoga or have years of practice. This workshop will allow ‘mothers to be’ to step out of their day-to-day busy lives and find the time to reconnect with themselves, their changed bodies and their unborn babies.

Our workshop is so much more than just physical stretching practice. We aim to create a beautiful and nurturing atmosphere where women can come to listen and learn, and share their experiences, and questions.

Refreshments and other delights will also be provided leaving you feeling inspired, educated and nourished, ready to take on the challenges of motherhood.