Buds & Blossom Yoga specialise in Yoga for Mums – expectant, new and those with growing babies and toddlers.

Our Yoga is gentle and safe for all women, whether you are new to yoga or have years of practice. The classes allow women to step out of their day-to-day busy lives and find the time to reconnect with themselves - their changed bodies and their babies.

Mother and Baby Yoga throughout Leeds and Yorkshire

Buds & Blossom Yoga deliver mother & baby yoga classes throughout Preston, Lancashire and the North West. As well as delivering classes within Preston based Yoga Studios, we can also hold private sessions, whether you’d like a one to one, or small group session with friends, all from the comfort of your home or from one of the studio spaces we utilise.

Blossoming together

Our classes are so much more than just physical stretching practice. We aim to create a beautiful and nurturing atmosphere where women can come to listen and learn, and share their experiences, anxieties and questions.

Expectant Mum – Pregnancy / Pre-natal Yoga

Pregnancy is a unique and very special time in a new mother’s life. Our aims to help you adjust through these changing times with ease. We work to bring comfort to you in pregnancy, keeping you at optimal health throughout your pregnancy and preparing you for the most positive birthing experience. Helping to strengthen and empower you for the early challenges of parenthood, allowing you to embrace and enjoy this very special and unique time.

Pregnancy is a vital time to keep your body fit and healthy. Yoga during pregnancy tones and strengthens muscles, preparing you to embrace parenthood. A regular practice will help keep you to your ideal weight, keeping you optimally mobile and comfortable during pregnancy. The exercise will also make it easier for you to return to your natural weight following child birth. Engaging in regular yoga during pregnancy can have a positive effect on improved posture, improve sleep patterns and can contribute to shorter delivery times. It also makes you feel good, enhances your general sense of well-being and helps against mood swings, making you feel more in control of both your body and mind.

New Mum – Post-natal Yoga

Becoming a new mum is a time of great joy, but is also a time of readjustment, bringing dramatic physical and mental change. Postnatal yoga provides numerous physical and emotional benefits and can positively support women offering stability and reassurance through these changing times.

We work on our mats on targeted specific areas through carefully selected yoga asanas. We use these poses to gently but firmly, help to redevelop core muscles - targeting tummy, and pelvic floor tightening. We’ll also work on toning of arms and legs, overall strength and stamina, back strength, and posture.

It is also a wonderful way to start getting your body back into shape after pregnancy alongside meeting other mums & babies who face the same challenges.

Mother & Baby – Bring your Baby

These classes are centred around mother and baby bonding time, as well as aiming to help new mums in postnatal recovery.

Baby bonding yoga is very important for new mothers & their babies.
We work with gentle sounding mantras to familiarise baby with the soothing sounds of mother’s voice. We also work on strengthening your baby’s arms and legs, working with coordination and movement including balance, tummy time and spine-strengthening exercises. All in aid for healthy development.

Interested? Get in touch

If you are interested in any of Buds & Blossom’s Yoga practices get in touch with us by emailing jal@budsandblossom.yoga or phone 07877051246.