Buds & Blossom Yoga is able to deliver mother & baby yoga classes in your area. Whether you’d like a small group session with friends at the comfort of your home or from one of the studio spaces we utilise in and around Preston.

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These classes are centred around mother and baby bonding time, as well as aiming to help new mums in postnatal recovery. These classes are structured in 2 parts.

Baby bonding yoga

During the initial baby bonding yoga section, we work with gentle mantra sounds to familiarise baby with the soothing sounds of mother’s voice. We also work on gently strengthening your baby’s arms and legs, working with coordination and movement including balance, tummy time and spine-strengthening exercises.

Postnatal recovery yoga

Once your baby takes a break, we work on our mats on targeted specific areas through carefully selected yoga asanas. We use these poses to gently but firmly, help to redevelop core muscles - targeting tummy, and pelvic floor tightening. We’ll also work on toning of arms and legs, overall strength and stamina, back strength, and posture.

Blossoming together

Our postnatal yoga classes are so much more than just physical stretching practice. They are also a wonderful way to start getting your body back into shape after pregnancy alongside meeting other mum & babies who face the same challenges.

Interested? Get in touch

If you are interested in Mother and Baby Yoga get in touch with us by emailing jal@budsandblossom.yoga or phone 07877051246.