Buds & Blossom Yoga offer postnatal yoga workshops and classes throughout Preston, Lancashire and the North West.

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Becoming a new mum is a time of great joy, but is also a time of readjustment, bringing dramatic physical and mental change. Postnatal yoga provides numerous physical and emotional benefits and can positively support women offering stability and reassurance through these changing times.

If you are a new mum, Buds & Blossom Yoga are passionate in our aims to help you adjust through these intricate times with ease. We work on breathing and relaxation techniques and gently but firmly, help to redevelop core muscles, targeting tummy, and pelvic floor tightening. We’ll also work on toning of arms and legs, overall strength and stamina, back strength, and posture.

Breathing and relaxation techniques

After giving birth a mother’s priority and focus is on her new born baby. These new challenges can lead to sleep deprivation and fatigue. It is important for mothers to learn ways of nurturing themselves so that they can be available for their baby’s needs. Buds & Blossom’s postnatal yoga class can provide the perfect environment for new mothers to take some precious time for themselves and to aid postnatal recovery. Yoga places a strong emphasis on breathing techniques to nourish and re-energise the body and calm the mind. Practising these methods at home can create harmony for you and your baby.

Strengthening your pelvic floor

New mothers will notice the muscles in their pelvic floor become stretched and weakened during pregnancy and birth. The weight of your baby, hormones that loosen your tissues, and labour, all place a huge amount of pressure on these muscles. This can lead to stress incontinence, prolapse and a general lack of feeling in this area. Our postnatal yoga classes guide new mothers through a variety of exercises to rebuild strength in their pelvic floor. Tailored poses help improve the circulation of blood helping to reduce any swelling or bruising after giving birth and assist in preventing and treating stress incontinence. We’ll introduce helpful techniques that can be used at home.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles

Growing and birthing your baby results in weakened and stretched abdominal muscles. Our postnatal yoga adopts simple and gentle abdominal toning techniques using seated twists and breath-work to encourage the body to knit back together. This enables the abdominal muscles to safely strengthen over time at a pace that is suitable to your needs.

Stabilising your pelvis and lower back

The lower back pain experienced by postnatal mothers is usually a result of weakened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Buds & Blossom’s postnatal yoga classes will teach you breath-work, pelvic floor exercises and abdominal strengthening techniques to assist in stabilising the pelvis and helping alleviate tension and pain in the lumbar spine.

Releasing neck and shoulder strain

It is common for new mothers to experience neck and shoulder aches. Continually feeding and picking up your baby places a great deal of strain on the body. This forward bending position can also cause headaches and back pain. Postnatal yoga guides you through a series of gentle sequences to open up, stretch out and strengthen the muscles in the neck and shoulders and release tension.

Blossoming together

Becoming a new mother can feel isolating. Our postnatal yoga classes are so much more than just physical stretching practice. We aim to create a beautiful and nurturing atmosphere, providing an ideal opportunity to meet other women in your community and to discuss the joys and challenges of being a new mother.

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