Buds & Blossom Yoga able to deliver Skype yoga and meditation sessions in the comfort of your home, worldwide.

If you’ve ever felt too shy to join a public class, have a busy schedule, are a caregiver, want to gain more flexibility, want to work on recovering from an injury, suffer from anxiety or insomnia or you are on holiday and don’t want to miss your regular class, Skype Yoga is for you!

Skype yoga enables you to soak up the benefits of yoga from the privacy of your own space.

Through my Skype yoga sessions, I am also available for questions or support anytime my students need via email. I encourage my students to open up and reach out to me any time they need advice, have a question about a pose, have emotional worries or just want a shoulder to lean on.

My classes have the power to completely transform you with comfort, ease and progression because together we can work in-depth and in the moment - observing the effects and refining them to suit you.

Through our sessions I can individually tailor classes to help with your development, providing you with encouragement and knowledge to delve deeper into your yoga journey and the chance to truly get what you want in a way that works for YOU and your wonderfully individual and unique body and lifestyle - Yoga that helps you grow into being the best YOU.

How does Skype Yoga Work?

Skype yoga is a super easy way of connecting. We arrange a time that best suits you.
We place our screens in a way that we can see and hear each other. I will then guide you verbally while I demonstrate each pose for you to follow along with. At the end of each session you will have the chance to talk with me about the session and ask me any questions that you have.

Interested? Get in touch

If you are interested in Skype Yoga sessions get in touch with me by emailing jal@budsandblossom.yoga or phone us on 07877051246.

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