Preparing for motherhood can be a real joyful time in your and your partner’s life, but it is also a time of great change and uncertainty, which can be both physically and emotionally demanding, requiring huge adjustments in your life. As a qualified yoga teacher and a first time blossoming mum-to be, I decided to study the main factors that affect women when they are pregnant, and I wanted to shine some light onto these matters to help new mums-to-be better understand themselves and what they may be going through. Through my research I found the biggest game changer to help you prepare for your new role as a blossoming mummy, is to inviting meditation into your daily practice. We delve further into meditation and breathing methods in my upcoming workshops.

Way of Reducing Stress and Anxiety

These changing times may cause anxiety and worry in a new mum-to-be about their bodies and developing baby. You may wonder: Why is the baby kicking so much…or so little? How will I bear the labour pains? Will I be able to give birth? How can I be a good mother if I’ve got no clue what it’s like to care for an infant? These are all normal worries. Since this may be your first-time as a new mum, this means you’ll have plenty of questions only experience can answer. Every blossoming mum-to-be will have some level of anxiety, worried or hesitant about some aspect of pregnancy, childbirth or parenting.

Reports have shown anxiety or depression during pregnancy can increase the odds of premature birth, low birth weight of baby, and even make it more likely a child may develop emotional or behavioural symptoms.

Although anxiety and depression don’t necessarily occur together, they are closely related — and by learning ways to control your anxiety before your new little one arrives, you’ll increase the odds that your baby will feel more settled and happy and your baby will be able to enjoy those joyful first few months.

Enhancing The Mother-Baby Bond

We are all too aware how most pregnant women know that they need to change their lifestyles during pregnancy and minimize bad habits like drinking and smoking. Alongside reducing bad habits, we also need to introduce new habits to help us to connect with our unborn baby. The “in the womb” mother-baby bond is also of utmost importance. The best method for in the womb connection is simply guided bonding meditation.

Why is this bond so important, then? In the womb, babies are highly tuned into mother’s mental and emotional state. For example, if mum is hurt or frightened, then her unborn baby’s heart rate can double. This has been proven by science, our unborn babies are highly responsive to their mother’s feelings and emotions.

This being said an unborn baby can also reap the positive emotions and experiences the wonderful benefits of meditation. Regular meditation keeps baby happy and healthy and has a calming effect after birth.

Help Prepare Blossoming Mums With Labour Pains

When it comes to how much pain is experienced during childbirth, the truth is everyone is different. This comes down to a combination of genetics, the baby’s size and weight, mother’s life experiences, state of mind, and stress levels are all factors that determine a birthing experience.

Luckily, when it comes to pushing a new little being into the world, meditation is the very best way to train a woman’s mind and body to minimise the pain. If you build a routine of regularly practicing meditation during pregnancy, your body can produce more of the happy chemicals, dopamine and endorphins when you are delivering your baby. These hormones are responsible for pain relief and feeling awesome. You don’t need to be a pro at meditation to experience these powerful benefits, results can often be seen with a regular practice of 60 days or more. This sounds too good to be true but everything you do for yourself now is a bonus for the big birthing day.

Helps With Sleep Deprivation & Insomnia

Almost all mums-to-be at some point or another will suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation. This could be for several reasons like screen addiction, caffeine in the body, work related stresses, pregnancy related pains, movement of the baby and constantly having to pee. These along with your body’s low production of melatonin hormone which is essential for a good night sleep, are some of the key factor on why it is sometime difficult to switch off from your mind and have a restful night.

Luckily, our bodies are able to produce more melatonin naturally through the power of meditation.

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve your wellbeing, your mental and physical state and these are just some of the wonderful benefits of meditation. Come and join me at Buds & Blossom Pregnancy Yoga Workshop to learn more and experience this meditation for yourself. Buds & Blossom meditation will leave you feeling calm, connected with your baby, vitalised and inspired.

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